Circle of Life Artist: Rob van Houten, The Netherlands

Circle of Life

Location: The gazebo at Speymers Holme below Bergsbrogården near the City Museum.

Circle of Life is a Möbius strip, or a loop with only one surface and one side. It was named after the German mathematician and astrologer August Ferdinand Möbius, who discovered the loop in 1858. It quickly became a symbol for eternity, and was used by Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher in drawings like Möbius Strip II (1963), in which ants are depicted marching on a Möbius strip-like grid.

This artwork is also about eternity, about the endless stream of water in the river and the rush of people to the city. The colors of the ring also play an important role in this scene. It starts off in a slow motion, depicting an empty city that needs to be filled with life. When someone passes through the circle, the intense light flows in both directions and blends together into more life.

Photo: Mattias Lindh


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